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Where are you based?

Unit 45 Royds Enterprise Park, Future Fields, Bradford BD6 3EW

Are You Gas Safe Registered?

Yes, we are Gas Safe registered and comply with all current training and requirements.

How do I pay for the work done?

We accept cash, cheque or payment through the bank.

What are your working hours?

Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 6.00pm. Saturday: 8.00am - 1.00pm

We offer after hours for Pre-booked appointments.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a 10% deposit is asked for before commencement of work.

Do you have an Emergency Call Out service?

If you have an emergency such as a burst pipe or broken boiler, please give us a call and we’ll do our very best to get there as soon as possible.

How long does a Gas Safety Check take?
It depends on the number of appliances but usually 30 minutes to an hour is enough to complete the report.  If pre-payment meters are present, make sure there is credit or working supply for both gas and electric.

What do you need access to?
Our engineer will need clear access to the gas meter and any gas appliances you have – boilers, hobs, cookers and fires.

What is involved?
Our engineers will carry out various checks to make sure gas fittings and appliances are safe to use. These checks include:

  • checking any flue or chimney to make sure combustion gases (fumes) are being safely removed to outside.

  • checking there is an adequate supply of fresh air so the gas burns properly.

  • checking an appliance is burning the gas properly.

  • checking all safety devices are working properly and shutting the appliance off if a fault occurs.

  • checking for gas leaks


Is PAT the same as an Electrical Installation Condition Report?
No – PAT is just appliance testing – basically anything with a plug on it.  It doesn’t look at the actual wiring of a property or the fuse board.

My agent says it’s not a legal requirement for landlords?
Whilst it isn’t a criminal offence to not carry out PAT Testing, a residential landlord would find it difficult to prove due diligence was followed if an incident occured, without a PAT Certificate in place.  It falls under Health & Safety legislation.  If a fire occurred or someone got hurt, a landlord may have to prove due diligence was met to avoid severe repercussions.  Health & Safety law and Criminal law are often misunderstood.

The Electrical Safety Council’s Guidance recommends Portable Appliance Testing to satisfy a Landlord’s obligation to ensure that any portable electrical appliances provided under the tenancy are safe at the point of letting, and at periodic intervals after that. Tenants should also be provided with instruction manuals and be told to read and follow them.

How long does an Electrical installation Condition Report take?
It depends on the size of the property but between one and 2 hours is usually enough to complete the report.

What do you need access to?
Our engineer will need good access to sockets, switches and the distribution or ‘fuse’ board.  Power will need to be turned off.

Is this the same as PAT Testing?
No.  PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing and is simply a check on appliances such as kettles and lamps.  It doesn’t look at the wiring of the property.

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